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With Yukuwallet, easily deal with money online.

Collect your earnings from Yukudemy sales

All monies that you earn from Yukudemy platforms be it from selling your courses, articles and poems, money from sale of your ebooks, etc, all will be collected in your yukuwallet.

Later on, you can decide to withdraw such money to your bank, mobile money, send it to another wallet or spend it online.

Save for your education

With yukuwallet, you can now save money for your education. You can save as low as UGX 500. You can then use this money to enroll for courses or even purchase books, article and poem collections.

Create a donation page and start fundraising

As a nonprofit organization you can now apply for merchant account and start raising funds for your cause.

Individuals can also apply for merchant account, and fundraise for issues in their community.

You can share your donation page with your social media handles. Additionally, your donors can still find your fundraising campaigns from Yukudemy's donations platform

Send some money to a friend's wallet

Yukuwallet allows you to share money with other yukudemians through money transfer. You can transfer money from your Yukuwallet to another yukuwallet instantly.

Top up your balance

Yes, just make some deposits and keep them there. Then when you need your money, withdraw it to your Mobile money or bank. And use it like a boss!